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Omni Pay

Cutting-edge payment platform seamlessly integrates with digital engagement channels, enhancing telecom user journeys for top-ups, bill payments, and recurring services.

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Partner benefits

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Omni Pay for "basic recurring services" addresses unresolved issues overlooked by traditional payment solution providers, offering a holistic approach.

  • Reduction of bad debt and working capital.

  • Reduction of collection costs.

  • Improved Client Satisfaction (NPS).

Payment Solutions for Telecom MNOs

Digital Top-ups
Digital Plans
Bill Payments

Digital Top-ups

Boosting carrier efficiency and value with digital Top-Ups, making carriers key in pre-paid user relations and improving customer engagement.

Real Time Offer Orchestration
Enhancing revenue and satisfaction via strategic promotions and plan improvements.

Payment Orchestration
Full self-service with mobile wallet tailored to user payment preferences.

Powered by Omni Engage
Omnichannel engagement for improved top-up incentives.
digital top ups

Digital Plans

Digital solution combining recurring platform expertise with independent channel solution for improved CX, faster time-to-market, and increased revenue.

Smart Recurring Engine
Smart digital plan and offer platform with recurring engine, customized for Telco.

Multiple Payment Method
Payment gateway orchestration to enhance conversion and reduce bad debt.

Powered by Omni Engage
Omnichannel management to engage users at key journey moments.
digital plan

Bill Payments

Bemobi builds and operates a white-label end-to-end payment solution. For the carrier it means a shorter learning curve and faster time to market.

Multiple Payment Methods
Secure card and instant payments (PIX) with anti-fraud integration and digital wallet.

Flexible Payment Conditions
Recurrency engine with BNPL to boost conversion and reduce bad debt at no cost to merchants.

Powered by Omni Engage
Omnichannel management to engage users through key channels and moments.
bill payments
multiple payments

Multiple Payment Methods

Secure payment solution integrating Credit/Debit Card and Instant payment (PIX) with anti-fraud technology and a wallet feature for safe transactions.

  • Payment Gateway

  • Anti-Fraud Engine

  • PCI Wallet

  • Multi-Acquiring

  • Card Tokenization

  • Pix / Instant Payment

Recurrent Payments

The best recurrency engine on the market that boosts payment conversion, with an installment model (BNPL with no-cost for merchants) that directly reduces bad debt.
Proprietary system that maximizes payment retries, delivering superior conversion.
Automatic Credit Card change & Pix fall back
Automatic Credit Card update for stolen and expired cards through state-of-the-art tokenization.
Automatic stimulus to switch expired cards.
Automatic & integrated payment method fallback when everything else failed.
Recurrent Payments

Flexible Installments

Allows invoice payments in up to 24 installments with a service fee, enabling providers to offer this without additional collection costs, reducing bad debt and capital needs.

Elevate payments with Omni Engage

Omni Engage seamlessly integrates with Omni Pay to bring flawless payment user journeys tailor-made for mobile subscribers.


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