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Digital Telco: Wave Platform

Streamline operations, enhance experiences and become digital native.

digital telco wave platform

Partner benefits

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    Our platform was made for the next wave of telecommunications. Customers' needs evolved while telco stayed the same. We've built the Wave Platform to accelerate companies' transition to the digital economy and unlock business value.

  • Improve Monetization.

  • Build Customer Loyalty.

  • Reduce Operating Costs.

Digital Engagement: Self Caring App

The platform optimizes user experience by customizing tasks such as data checks and plan changes, and offers in-app support via chat and AI, cutting call center costs. This approach integrates multiple functions into one channel, improving service and efficiency.
digital engagement self caring app
Cloud BSS

Cloud BSS

All the essential functions of a Telco BSS with a lightweight and modular design. Developed with an API-first approach and built for speed. Our Cloud BSS allows teams to rapidly deploy complete telco operations.
Platform that launches operations in 12 to 16 weeks, using cloud applications for scalability. Its API-first design and programmable features offer seamless integration and customizability for various business needs.
The catalog establishes service offerings with defined bundles, rules, and pricing, promoting "Lego" offerings for swift market adaptation. It enables flexible campaign creation independent of carrier development, customer customization, and features a proprietary console for IT autonomy, improving service and engagement.
Our billing engine accommodates various pricing strategies, including fixed and usage-based models, with features for pro-ration and recurring contracts. It offers e-invoicing compliant with Latin American regulations and detailed auditing for complete transparency and billing control.
We offer multiple secure methods, including card and instant payments (Pix), with anti-fraud and wallet features for safety. It includes smart retry and fallback for improved conversion. Additionally, it supports up to 24 installments with a service fee, enhancing financial flexibility for users.
Centralized Control simplifies operations with a single platform for customer management, easing tasks such as account updates and service upgrades. Real-Time Customer Support offers quick inquiry responses, increasing satisfaction. This method improves operational efficiency and customer engagement, streamlining workflows.

Network Automation

Skip legacy systems and connect directly into the network.
Leveraging its capabilities to deliver new experiences for end customers.
Efficiently architect network services, with rapid design and management of complex network configurations.
Define and leverage reusable connections with network equipment and tooling.
Automate tasks and network operations within a workflow builder, mapping processes and business logic
Track resource usage by automatically reflecting changes in the resource inventory.
Network Automation

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