Bemobi reaches agreement with Grupo Salta to expand its digital payment solutions in education

The Omni Pay solution digitizes recurring payments to offer a more convenient and effective alternative to traditional bank slips.
The partnership accelerates digital transformation in the education sector by digitizing payment methods and expands the market targeted by Bemobi.

The deal reached between Bemobi, a leader in the recurring payment solutions sector in Brazil, and Grupo Salta, the country's largest basic education group, will allow its users to utilize the Omni Pay solution, which digitizes monthly service payments, offering a more convenient and effective alternative compared to traditional bank slips.

Grupo Salta generates approximately 2.5 billion reais in payments annually and serves more than 125,000 students.

Moving forward the entire digital payment cycle of Grupo Salta's clients will utilize Bemobi's solutions, from personalized collection channels to fraud prevention and reconciliation systems.

Omni Pay: Efficiency and simplicity for the end-user

The Omni Pay solution is white-label and seamlessly integrates recurring payments through credit cards. Additionally, it offers options for cash, installment and debit payments at the time of purchase. Among the main benefits are the reduction of delinquency rates and increased customer loyalty. All this, with higher payment conversion and simplification of the collection process at competitive costs.

We are very excited about this partnership with Grupo Salta, which reinforces our leadership in digital payment solutions in the recurring essential services sectors. Through it, we accelerate the digitization of another critical segment for our economy, in addition to significantly expanding our targeted market in payment methods for the basic education and higher education sector, which processes an estimated 130 billion reais annually in payments.

Denis Maia, vice-president of corporate development at Bemobi

Through Omni Pay, Grupo Salta's clients will be able to pay their monthly fees through any channel: website, application, IVR and WhatsApp, among others, with credit or debit cards and PIX. They can also pay with installments up to 24 months. Additionally, it introduces various innovations specific to the recurring services sector, such as:

  • Integrated industry-oriented anti-fraud solution.
  • Omnichannel collections, segmented by customer profile.
  • Intelligent retentions and tokenization.
  • Offer model in installments for monthly fees; eliminating the need to contract and integrate multiple independent providers.

This results in an increase of 10 to 15% in recurring collection efficiency compared to traditional models used in the market today.

You can check out more details of Bemobi's payment solutions for education here

With this innovation, we will improve our customer experience, in addition to increasing compliance rates by offering a digital journey with new payment and installment methods with credit cards to parents. In addition to offering payment and installment options through digital channels, which will be more cost-effective for the consumer.

Bruno Elias, CEO of Grupo Salta

Bemobi in education

Bemobi's entry into the private education market started late last year with the acquisition of Agenda Edu, a SaaS platform with 2.5 million users serving basic education schools.

This platform offers an application for communication between the school (management and teachers), students, and their parents, with the exchange of planned activities for students to information about grades and absences, for example. However, Agenda Edu already offered a payment solution that transacted 140 million reais in 2023, and now, with integration with Bemobi, it will also offer the Omni Pay platform within its application for over 3 thousand affiliated schools.

With operations in more than 50 countries, Bemobi is a Brazilian multinational focusing on offering solutions and mobile platforms for digital payments, customer engagement, microfinance, and digital services.

Bemobi's end-to-end payment technology is already used in the white-label model by Brazil's leading telecommunications operators, some of the largest companies in the utilities sector, such as Energisa and Equatorial, as well as several internet providers.

Annually, Bemobi's payment platform manages a payment volume (TPV) of over 6 billion reais and recurrently interacts with more than 80 million users.

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